The Lost Saga

Into the Woods

From the lips of Vedis the Seer

From the cave of / Dread-tooth troll
We passed to / the silent wood
Ancient forests / weighted by time
Centuries resting / upon our shoulders

Our way wound / beneath ash roots
Rising like dragons / from earthen waves
But hidden magics / mired our way
Until we found / circle of aged stones

Bound protection / to seven stones
Higher than a man / and hidden carved
Blood sacrifice in / times long past
Memories come/ to my thoughts

Svoldar and Bjornulf / sought out food
And wood to burn / where bones and ash
Rest against the / cleft earth cliff
And found a meal / in form of beast

I and Buri offered/ to one-eyed Odhinn
The best of what / meat we had 
A bird above / dropped berries red
Sweet-smelling and / full of vigor

Upon return from / hunting clever
Brave Bjornulf gave / a gift to heaven
And with great poem / won godly favor
Sent as sun’s ray / that fell upon him

After a dinner fine / the berries gave
Strength and speed / as if blessed
Through the night / we sped swift
Until at dawn we / found Ragnild’s hut

I speak now of / the wise witch
Ragnild daughter / of clever Rungnir
Who knows bones / and wood-magic
Awaiting warriors to / break her chains

Hospitality offered / cautious Ragnild
Mead and stew / within her home
Beneath the watchful / winged wardens
She of the coat / of many small pelts

“Chained am I / to the circle 
And the dark spirit / bound within
Heroes I ask / of the holy races
So I may seek / a grave beyond sea”

We traveled to / the warded circle
And lit torches to / light dead of night
Blood-painted runes / upon the heart
Before we turned / the draugr’s stone

Rose it from the / grave-deep hole
Black as pitch and / reeking rotten
Its dangling flesh / thick with worms
Its claws daggers / of sharp bone

Sheathed its sword / for it would wring
The life from we / who challenged it
To each of us / Svoldar’s magic gave
Runes of power / to lengthen luck 

Bjornulf screamed / defiant daring
Hewed mighty / into blackened chest
The draugr sought / him with claws
But found only / the empty air

Buri hit hard our foe / a wound by axe
And the dead beast / lashed at me
First claws scarred / my stalwart shield
And luck spared / my head from blow

Next Bjornulf brave / struck it to halves
It felt twitching / to the rent earth
Cut evil head from / rotted shoulders
Then burned it we / to wretched ash

We turned to greet / a younger Ragnild
And when asked of / the draugr’s geas
“What binds me / to the dead
Is a matter / betwixt man and wife”

Claimed we from / the cold of grave
Arms and armor / of fine make 
I buried the blade / as Odhinn’s share
As Svoldar did / the silver coin

The dead’s helm / then I bore
As Bjornulf carried / metal bracer
We made our way / then to Solvik
And waited upon / the town’s verge



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