The Lost Saga

The Escape

From the lips of Vedis the Seer

But as we sat / in Hyrna’s hall
Hateful men / from Bolthar sent
Crept about / as cowards do
Daggers belted / no axe worn

Visions came / deep in night
Of starving wolves / yellowed in eyes
Attacking bear / with dagger fangs
Sleeping whispers / of treachery

When morn broke / to many ears
Brynhild spaketh / of our intents
And such words / passed to evil ears
Bravely spaketh / but unwise still

I speak now of Buri / son of Bard
Fearless pilot / and sailor sure
Who chases sea / to world’s end
One who well / kens the waves

As we passed / to Eske’s hold
Some beast stirred / beside the path
Then fell still / as if mere shadow
And whisper of / things to come

Eske met us / with honey words
And offers of / mead and bread
We ate beneath / his house’s crest
And spoke of / our venture bold

Eske smiled and / nodded as friend
Though his heart / was treacherous
For we kenned not / how he kept
Us in his home / for Boldar’s plot

By hearth we slept / uneasy dreamed
Until the raven / cried in the night
A messenger sent / with saving grace
We cast eyes upon / torchlight circle

Wicked torches / burned that night
Their shadows dark / as Boldar’s heart
They meant to burn / us in Eske’s home
We stepped out / to meet our wyrd

Eske earned his / traitor’s death
An arrow struck / him in his neck 
“Follow me!” cried / Eske’s wife
The fair Gullveig / Albrikt’s daughter

We ran swift / on Gullveig’s heels
On cracking and / perilous ice
Across the lake / towards the land
The hidden people / call their home

The lake behind / our feet took
The lives of evil / men in chase
They could not / match our pace
Nor did Gullveig / lead us astray

Spaketh she / “Be hushed now
For here there / walk things 
Of hidden and / powerful nature
Better yet we / not disturb them”

Found we then / a deep-set cave
Smelling of / some wild beast
Gullveig told / of a Dane
Who gave gold / for my head

This cave was / humble home
Saehrimnir the troll / called Dread-tooth
For he was warrior / most frightful so
Repaying men’s evil / with vengeful blows

He raged at us / but spaketh Erland
“As struck you wound / so man strikes us
We are hunted / our blood spilled” 
For Erland brave / had taken arrow

Spaketh Ander’s son / tempered words
Striking common / earth with Dread-tooth
We pledged to heal / his deepest wound
And feed him meat / not of our friends 

Erland stayed with / Bjornulf brave
Together spinning / tales for troll-friend
As Svoldar clever / Brynhild bold 
And myself hunted / a great hart

We returned with / meat as vowed
Saehrimnir ate and / gnashed then
For hours it took / the runemaster 
To wrest the spear / out from his back

Rot had gnawed / at Dread-tooth’s back
But Svoldar cleaned / and treated wound
Left by Mjitnor / the silvered spear 
Graved with runes / by a learnèd hand

Saehrimnir slept and / clothes we found
For we left Eske’s / burning house 
In nothing save / what in we slept
Bitten we were / by coming winter chill

In furs and cloth / we arrayed ourselves
And found in clutch / of headless bones
A powerful gift / a runed lyfstyn
Given then to / the healer Svoldar

Talked we then / of troll-friend
Now returned / to his strength
“When we return / to Hafnaross
We may need / Saehrimnir’s aid”



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