The Lost Saga

The Plan

From the lips of Vedis the Seer

When I stood / in Bolthar’s hall
My eyes cleared / to see beyond
With sight gifted / by Valfather
A wyrd woven / for far-off kin

Brave Bolverk / eldest among 
Sons of Bolvik / and brother
Of Bolthar Jarl / set forth 
Upon the longest / of mere-roads

With him sailed / warriors bold
But wicked were / the iron waves
To pieces dashed / all their hopes
Cast them to rest / on cruel shore

I choked as they / pale on sand
Drenched dire / cold as death
But ere I sighed / I saw the vile
Beasts who came / from forest

They walked tall / like unto men
Yet ripped bold / Bolverk’s brave
From shallows / and blighted shore
Toward the lairs / below dark pines

My breath turned / to their screams
For those hateful / nameless beasts
Devoured flesh / and cracked bone
Drank blood / and gristle snapped

When again I / saw Hafnaross
I told what / Valfather showed
And felt strong / those stirrings 
Of the wyrd / the Nornir weave

We four together / cast in lots
To Bolverk’s side / we swore to
Sail forth upon / long mere-way
As shield brother / as shield sister

I speak now / of the shieldmaid
Brynhild bold / and battle-loving
Proud as her / warrior father 
Stern Gautarr / atgeir master

Eager Brynhild / cast in lot
To join us in / our periled deed
As we sat / in Hyrna’s home
In quiet talk / of our plan

A steady ship / needed first
Brynhild spaketh / of an answer
“I ken a ship / in Eske’s hands
Small a thing / but sturdy still.” 

By what way / could it come
To rest within / our grasp?
The answer from / Bjornulf came
Bear-hearted skald / of ken certain

“Eske looks after / Eske’s good
And none looks / after Eske
As well as / gleaming coin” 
So spaketh the / clever Bjornulf



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