The Lost Saga

Daughter of the Sea

From the lips of Vedis the Seer

Hearing I ask / from the holy races
From Heimdall’s sons / both high and low
Thou will it, Valfather / that I well relate
Old tales I remember / of men long ago

By mere-ways / I came without past
Sword salt-crusted / targe under waves
Daughter of sea / with far-seeing eyes
Storm-tossed to / holm of Hafnaross.

I speak now / of the runemaster
Svoldar the Wise / son of Rolf
Heaven-sent healer / Baldur-blessed
Stole me from / the iron sea

I speak now / of the skald
Bear-hearted Bjornulf / son of Ulfgar 
Loved by women / admired by men
Granted a vision / by noble gods

I speak now/ of the lawgiver
Erland the Just / son of Ander
One who kens / the customs
Of ancient day / of ancient kin

Accursed serpent / pursuing swift
A great beast / and striking cliffs
To send the fortune / of Bothar Jarl
Plunging perilous / to gnashing maw

The touch of raven / sent by Valfather
Against my back / an omen strong
Dark bird herald / of darker times
Strife comes on / white-peaked wave

Svoldar spaketh / “What comes
Upon the mist / and brings you? 
What given name / do you carry?
By what name / the thing unseen?” 

“Vedis,” I spaketh / giving name
Gifted by visions / come with mist
“What mist brings / is nothing save
That which dwelt / here before.” 

Brave Bjornulf / with wiser eyes
Gazed upon / the ship of bone
No wood of men / crafted cunning
To dash upon / the deathly rocks

Svoldar bid / me follow him
We strode / Hafnaross holds
To a great hall / the brother’s seat 
Once bolder still / than Boldar Jarl

Cunning yet / did Boldar plot 
Of ways to ken / my mired mind
To find whence / I careless came
To ally mayhap / with the strong



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